All the colors of the rainbow of Ukrainian Folk Dance - this is "Halychyna"
Youthful eagerness and maidenlike tenderness - this is "Halychyna"
Original execution of style - this is "Halychyna"
The joy of communion with true art - this is "Halychyna"
Especially for you - the beautiful and unique "Halychyna" –
an original model of the folk songs and choreography
of various ethnographic regions of Ukraine:
Hutsuishchyna welcomes you with the "Pivtorak" and "Arkan",
Pokuttya sends the greetings of the "Serbyn" and "Holoubka",
Prykarpattya introduces you to the cheerful "Chepurnenka",
the delicate "Horyanka", the playful "Obertynka".
Bukovyna blooms with the "Voloshka", and
Zakarpattya designs for you the "Tsyfrovany Tanets"...
Europe, Australia and the United States have applauded us.
France (1969), Belgium (1991) , Great Britain (1992) ,
Italy (1998), Germany (1999), Portugal (2000),
Luxembourg (2001) and Netherlands (2002) have
honored us as laureates at their International Folk Festivals.
So come and visit us and we will
present you the fire in our hearts, the beauty of folk art,
the sincerity of our feelings.


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